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The One Stock To Buy For The End Of The Cola Generation

A fundamental shift in health-consciousness is threatening to ship the soft drink industry off to the Stone Age. It’s a monumental task, but here’s a potential successor to America’s beloved carbonated concoction… Young or old, soft drinks are beverages enjoyed by all. Admittedly when I was growing up, my insatiable craving for soda led to [...]

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The Missing Piece to the Bitcoin Puzzle?

Some are quick to predict the death knell of Bitcoin as the IRS intends to treat it as an accounting line item that’s subject to taxation. But Bitcoin’s fundamental components may very well hold the key to its longevity… In my ongoing coverage of Bitcoin’s brief voyage to date, we’ve seen some historical events that [...]


The Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now


The Gulf Of Mexico Just Welcomed A New $6 Billion Oil Contender

One of the largest oil and gas deals in 2014 has created the biggest publicly traded energy company currently operating in the Gulf -- just in time for the Gulf's next great production growth …


The Newest Innovation Being Used To Find Oil

As reserves become harder to locate, the oil industry begins tinkering with the latest technological innovation that's sweeping the globe...The military uses them regularly to seek out enemy …

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The Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now


One Stock To Own For Gold’s Rebound

Following two years of lackluster performance, the stage is being set for one mining stock's return to glory...Let's first address the elephant in the room regarding gold's future.The number …


By Playing Hard To Get, Osisko Is Likely To Come Out An Even Bigger Winner

Learn why after rejecting Goldcorp's hostile takeover bid, Osisko Mining's board is confident its shareholders will be rewarded with a far sweeter payday...I felt like I was watching an episode …

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Top Stock Picks for Energy Stocks

Tidal Power Buoy

The Little-Known Company That’s Turning The Tide Of Ocean Energy Technology

The ocean is continuously producing near-limitless amount of energy, yet we've managed to harness barely a sliver of it to date. One company is hoping …

Top shale oil stocks looking for more profit

When It Comes To Refining Shale…Less Is More

Limited refining capacity is crimping the surge in shale oil production. Learn how "teapots" and "toppers" are making savvy investors rich during the …

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Top Stock Picks for Silver Stocks


Is 2014 The Year For A Silver Breakout?

A breakout for silver is long overdue, and 2014 has all the markings of being the year of the white metal's return...After topping out at the …

gold - panning in stream

Canadian Miner Lands A Silver Deposit “For The Times”

See how this small company quickly became a prime takeover target (and one of the best stocks to buy) with a monster find in Argentina...Despite …

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Top Stock Picks for Metals Stocks

Oil stock opportunity

The Best Palladium Stock To Own Today

In this beaten down metals market, palladium is soldiering on in positive territory this year.  Find out which is the best palladium stock to own and …


The Fall of Metals Triggers a Mining Shift

"With precious metals taking a beating, investors have turned their attention to another mining opportunity" ---Last month, a world record was …

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