The Tiny Oil Stock That
Could Transform $1,000 into a $238,960 Windfall...


My fellow oil stock investor,

A few hundred miles north of the Montana border, a tiny oil company has made a massive 3.4 billion barrel oil discovery... 

Independent analysis concludes the discovery is economically viable, capable of producing 56,000 barrels a day... 

And a pre-feasibility study determined the stock is worth $14.89 a share... yet, right now shares are trading for less than $0.50.

Simply put, this is the greatest profit opportunity I've seen in years.

And if you grant me the next three minutes, I'll share with you the secret as to how a small $1,000 investment may multiply into a $238,960 windfall.

Let me make you 23,796% richer

First, let me tell you why this stock is a lock for massive gains...

You see, this company is sitting on part of a vast oil discovery that's larger than the entire state of Florida.

It contains more oil than the sheikdoms of Kuwait, Bahrain, and Dubai... combined. 

And it could satisfy all U.S. demand for the next 100 years

In fact, CBS ran a story on 60 Minutes saying, " will be the single largest source of foreign oil for the United States, even bigger than Saudi Arabia."

Even billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are vying to get a piece of the action. They've visited the deposit first-hand and scoped out the enormous potential with their own eyes.

Obviously, Buffett liked what he saw.

Last June, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. invested $620 million in the heart of this district. Then in typical Warren Buffett fashion, he upped his stake by another $3.45 billion just 5 months later.

And this tiny oil company... whom almost no one knows about... is smack-dab in the middle of it all.

56,000 barrels a day... for 18 years

Better yet, this company has beaten the majors to the punch, scooping up a massive swath of land in the heart of a huge oil zone that could fuel America for decades to come.

Its enormous property package -- totaling over 53,000 acres -- sits right next to Shell's massive thermal complex where over 7 billion barrels of oil have been discovered and 12,000 barrels a day are produced.

But 12,000 barrels a day is nothing...

The tiny company I'm telling you about has made a monster 3.4 billion barrel discovery of its own. And one of the most respected independent engineering firms in the business -- whose clients include Chevron, Exxon, and Shell -- estimates it could be capable of producing 56,000 barrels a day... for 18 years. 

That's a lot of oil -- more than the entire daily production of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Arkansas... combined.

It's enough oil to propel the company into the upper echelon of oil producers.  And those companies fetch $10 a share and more.  But you know what?  This stock could go much higher than that...

A pre-feasibility study confirms this stock
is worth $14.89 a share

A pre-feasibility study completed by the same independent engineering firm confirms this company has a value of $1.3 billion at $85 oil --- that works out to a whopping $14.89 a share.

Let me repeat: $14.89 a share… a massive 6,370% increase from today's price.

But you know what? 

$14.89 a share may be far too conservative...

You see, despite the recent downturn oil prices are primed to spike higher... back above $100. Now, listen to this...

Every $1 increase in the price of oil
adds $0.69 to the share price

According to the company's pre-feasibility study, every $1 increase in the price of oil adds $0.69 to this company's potential share price. 

That means at $100 a barrel, this company could be worth $25.24 a share... 

At $125 oil, it's worth $42.49...

And at $150 oil, each share could be worth a staggering $59.74. 

That's a massive 23,796% increase from where the stock is trading today, enough to turn a $1,000 investment into a $238,960 windfall. 

And it gets better...

The engineering firm based their study on only about 20% of the company’s massive land base. 

There are still tens of thousands of acres left to explore.  And most of this land is in the SAME area over the SAME deposit with the SAME geological setting.  So the likelihood that this company is sitting on a far greater amount of oil -- and has far more upside per share -- than we now know is extremely high. 

If you're skeptical, I understand. 

It's extremely rare to find an oil stock so deeply undervalued.  But these numbers are based on the pre-feasibility study from a top engineering firm… who does work for majors like Chevron and Exxon.  If some of the largest oil companies in the world trust them, I do too.

And don't think for a second oil prices won't hit $150 again.  As I'm about to explain, there's a ticking time bomb in the oil market has all but guaranteed oil's rapid return to $150 a barrel, then much higher.  Let me explain...

Oil is about to skyrocket back to $150... then higher

As we speak, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Greater Syria (ISIS) is spreading throughout the Middle East like wildfire, threatening to destabilize the world's most vital oil zone.

Already, ISIS has cratered Syria's oil production -- from 380,000 barrels a day in 2010 to only 50,000 today. It's seized control of large chunks of Iraq -- putting 3 million barrels a day in jeopardy. And now the group is threatening to advance into Turkey, Kuwait, and Iran -- where 6.3 million barrels are at risk.

Even Saudi Arabia -- and its 10 million barrels a day -- isn't safe. ISIS is practically knocking on the Sheikdoms door.

Making matters worse...

Iran is building a nuke

Iran continues full-steam ahead with its nuclear program -- despite agreements to stop.

According to the latest International Atomic Energy Agency report, Iran has failed to meet its nuclear disclosure obligations. It refuses to answer questions over research into detonators. And it's failed to explain studies relevant to calculating the explosive yield of a weapon.

Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal thinks Obama is being played like a fool.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared Iran to North Korea.

And experts warn that Iran has the ability to breakout and produce an atomic weapon in as little as 2 months.
If that happens, watch out...the price of oil will go berserk.

Listen, the writing is on the wall...

A supply shock of epic proportions is imminent -- one so severe that it promises to make last year's oil bull-market look like child's play.

And don't think booming domestic oil production will save us.

America is still two decades shy of reaching energy independence.

Last year, the U.S. consumed an average of 18.9 million barrels per day. More than half of that oil was imported. 23% was from OPEC nations. And 11% was from the Persian Gulf.

As long as we continue importing fuel, we'll feel the effects of what's happening halfway across the globe.

Of course Obama, who knows how dire our energy situation, is doing nothing to curtail the coming crisis.  In fact, he's making it worse...

Obama: "I want $200 oil"

Obama has placed huge restrictions on offshore drilling -- a resource estimated to contain 85.9 billion barrels of safe, domestic oil...

He's against building new coal power plants...

And he wants to tax away the exploration budgets of oil companies.  

All this exacerbates an already dire energy supply situation.  But this shouldn't surprise you…

The truth is, Obama secretly wants higher oil prices. In fact, he NEEDS them.

You see, in order to push his "clean energy economy" through, oil prices have to be much higher than they are now -- $200 a barrel at least -- otherwise he can't justify spending billions of tax payer dollars.

That's great news for this tiny oil stock, who sees its per-share value explode as oil spikes higher.

But listen, you need to hurry if you're going to catch this money-train...

Oil stocks are making investors rich

Oil stocks have been generating big returns for years. Investors just like you are making huge fortunes off stocks like... 

Tuscany Energy: up 311%...
Magnegas Corporation: up 513%...
Torchlight Resources: up 825%...
Enservco: up 1,240% and...
Recon Technology: up 2,863%.

That's average gains of 1,150%.  But the profits you could earn with the stock I'm telling you about today will make that look like chump change.

10-fold profit potential

I don't want to alarm you but... there's no way this stock will remain below $0.50 for long. It's too good an opportunity.

As word gets out, I expect to see a herd of investors stampeding over each other in a desperate attempt to buy shares as they escalate in value, first by 100%, then 200%... then 1,000%.

In an oil market like this you have no time to sit on the sidelines. Junior oil stocks move extraordinarily fast.

Which is why it's so important you know about this tiny oil stock today... so you can load-up before Wall Street sends the share price through the roof.  

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Allow me to introduce myself.

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Just off those picks, you could have transformed modest $3,000 investments into a $42,150 windfall.    

That's why I'm telling you all about this tiny oil stock today.  I expect it to multiply many-fold in the coming months and I don't want you to miss out. 

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A tiny oil company is sitting on an in-place resource of 3.4 billion barrels capable of producing 56,000 barrels a day for 18 years.
A pre-feasibility study confirms this stock is worth $14.89 a share (but you're getting in below 50 cents). 
Oil prices are on the verge of soaring higher... multiplying your potential profits exponentially.
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John Holt - Editor, Secret Oil Stocks
John Holt
Editor, Secret Oil Stocks

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