The Best Stocks to Buy And Top Stock Picks by John Holt

An archive of John Holt's best stocks to buy chosen for Top Stock Millionaire. Find out today's top stock picks according to John --- and why these stocks are set to explode.

The Best “Behind The Scenes” Stocks To Play The Housing Recovery


Home improvement companies may be cashing in, but there’s an even more lucrative sector that very few are talking about… It’s easy to see why companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot are having banner years in 2013. US housing data overall has improved greatly since the onset of the financial crisis five years ago. Though […]

This Top Airline Stock Is Mastering The Art Of The Upsell


Find out how airlines are turning what were once considered greedy price-gouge tactics into sought after upgrade options, and which top airline stock is one of the best to buy today … Airlines have taken a page right out of the playbooks of retailers and restaurants. For years, these industries have found innovative ways to […]

A More Sophisticated Palate Is Turning These Top Wine Stocks Into Cash Machines


As America’s growing obsession with wine blossoms into a full-blown love affair, the two of the top wine stocks are raking in fistfuls of dough… For you beer drinkers out there, you might not want to read this. According to Gallup polls, the number of Americans who prefer beer have declined over the last twenty […]

Two Profitable Ways To Combat Childhood Obesity


Childhood obesity rates are on the rise in America. Find out which are two of the best stocks to buy that will be rewarded by going back to the basics… In the age of extreme dieting, weight-loss pills, and risky medical procedures – it seems like everybody who’s ever been concerned about their weight has […]

A Top Stock To Cash-In On Japan’s Pending Power Failure

Uranium stocks are a buy

In the wake of their nuclear moratorium, secret documents from Japan’s government reveal a desperate plea to the US government for LNG imports.  Here’s a top LNG stock to own before Japan’s lack of energy supplies plunges the country into darkness… Two… maybe three weeks. That’s the approximate length of time Japan’s LNG stockpiles would […]

Will Spending Cuts Affect These Three Top Military Stocks?


US defense spending may be shrinking, but new technologies from these top military stocks are set to offset smaller budgets and still bolster America’s military might… According to the US Department Of Defense, procurement budgets for 2014 is expected to drop by more than 17% from what was spent in 2012. Budgets on weapons and […]

Why You’re $1,200 Richer And Two Top Tech Stocks That Stand To Benefit

Gold run not over yet

With a surprising cash windfall for every American household, investors may want to pounce on these top tech stocks before the holiday season ramps up… The biggest story over the past year is that the US economy appears to finally be on the road to terra firma. And here’s more evidence of it… Last year, […]

No Keystone XL? No Worries…

Natural gas has a bullish outlook

Environmentalists may be winning the latest battle against the Keystone pipeline, but these top midstream companies will be winning the pipeline war… A few weeks back, I wrote about how the Keystone XL delay has become a boon for midstream companies that are partnering with railway companies to build new rail terminals. With oil-by-rail shipments […]

This Top Healthcare Stock Can Save Hospitals Billions Of Dollars


In a bid to improve efficiency, hospitals are becoming ‘smarter’ with the help of this healthcare tech star… It’s no secret that healthcare is a major expense for all Americans. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the US spends more on healthcare than almost every other nation on earth. According to a recent […]

Two Of The Best Stocks To Ride The Auto Industry Recovery


A spike in August vehicle sales is solidifying a rally in the auto sector.  Here’s how smart investors are playing the domestic car resurgence… Four years ago, Detroit’s Big-3 automakers were on life support. Sales of auto and light trucks in the US were levels not seen since the mid-seventies. In June 2009, the annual […]