Cash-in On The Top Housing Markets With These Two Housing Stocks

Drilling is sending frac sand demand soaring

The housing recovery has quickly identified cities that are head and shoulders above the rest.  Find out which housing stocks are riding this rebound to all-time high… As football season heads into week 3, already my weekly fantasy picks are struggling to reach .500. Truth be told, I’ve neglected keeping up with the latest news […]

South Africa Is $100 Billion Closer To An Economic Rebound

Platinum price exceeds gold prices

The race is on to unlock a massive shale formation that could single handedly reverse the country’s struggling economy… They call it the Karoo, a so-called “semi-desert” – an arid region that experiences intermittent rainfall during the year. Blanketing parts of Western and Central South Africa, the desolate Karoo is roughly the size of Montana. […]

This Stock Is Brewing Profits In Today’s Coffee Market


A looming supply shock could cause near term pain for coffee companies — but one company is well positioned to weather the storm with an affordable alternative that’s in high demand right now… Talk about a commodity that stands up well against pretty much anything that goes on in our weird and wonderful world… Coffee […]

Tension In Syria Is Stuffing Wads Of Cash In Oil Investors’ Pockets

Clashes have sent South African mining industry into chaos

The threat of military strikes by the US and its allies could disrupt oil trade in the Middle East, prompting major price spikes for crude and a rise in oil stocks… Two weeks ago the “red line” for declaring war on Syria was crossed, as rebel forces claimed that a chemical weapons attack was unleashed […]

Two Top Stocks Set To Profit From Power Failures


How a chilling new report from the White House just triggered an investor alert for these two top stocks…   Let’s get straight to the facts. In the past decade, power failures in the US cost the economy an average of $18 billion to $33 billion each year, according to a recent report by the […]

OPEC’s Smallest Producer Is About To Unlock A Controversial $18 Billion Oil Bonanza

oil derrick - three with fire background - hi res

Desperate to pay down its debts, this tiny country’s government has decided to completely scrap an environmental protection plan – swinging the doors wide open to one of the richest oil deposits ever discovered… It can’t get any more controversial than this, folks… Back in 2007, Ecuador stumbled onto a discovery in their Amazonian backyard […]

One Of The Best Stocks To Own While The Keystone XL Stalls


Investors aren’t waiting around for Obama’s decision anymore. They’re buying up stocks — and these are some of the best stocks to own while the pipeline is delayed… It’s been dragging on for five years. Since it was first proposed back in 2008, the advancing of the Keystone XL Pipeline expansion has been anything but […]

This Top Gold Stock Is Mining in the Last Place You’d Think

gold nuggets in pan

After bottoming out in late June, this top gold stock is rebounding with a mammoth gold and silver discovery in a little-known metals market… It’s one of the world’s top tourist destinations, but the name might be surprising to some. Last year, this nation attracted over 35 million tourists to its shores – more than […]

Are These The Best 2 Stocks To Play A Gold Rebound?


There are three words that you probably haven’t heard in a while… well, for the past year or so anyway: Bullish on Gold. And there’s plenty of reasons for that, not the least of which is the anticipation of the Federal Reserve potentially tapering down its stimulus program in the near future. It seems almost […]

Canadian Miner Lands A Silver Deposit “For The Times”

gold - panning in stream

See how this small company quickly became a prime takeover target (and one of the best stocks to buy) with a monster find in Argentina… Despite silver trading near a 60% discount from its record high, many companies continue to advance their exploration projects forward. In regions like South America, new discoveries are still being […]