Natural Gas Holds the Key to America’s Energy Future

Todays top stocks to buyAmericans often take for granted how good we truly have it compared to the rest of the world.

From revered colleges to technological innovations to global brands, we are the envy of many nations with our world-class assets.

And when it comes to natural resources, it’s no exception.

The very land with which our great nation was built upon is perhaps the most valuable commodity that we possess – and arguably so because of the rich abundance of hydrocarbons contained within.

These hydrocarbons – natural gas as well as oil – have and continue to generate enormous amounts of wealth for our country.

Even in today’s hazardous economic environment, this sector has done its fair share to keep our economy afloat.

For that, I am grateful to be an American.

That’s why even in these turbulent times, I strongly suggest putting money on domestic natural gas.

In fact, with times being as tough as they are, holding an Ace like natural gas is the best thing we’ve got going for us right now.

But don’t take my word for it…

Even our politicians have been quick to jump on the gas bandwagon.

You see, just four years ago, our current Commander-in-Chief had declared clean energy as the future of American prosperity.

Supposedly the likes of solar and wind power were to propel us out of the recession and create some 5 million jobs, while hydrocarbons were to be left to fend for itself.

But fast forward to 2012, with the economic recovery still stuck in recovery mode and the unemployment rate showing no improvements, both our President and his opponent are now championing for an energy source that’s provided far more bang for buck than its green rivals – all without a $150 billion price tag.

Needless to say, Obama’s green movement has provided very little return on investment.

Natural gas could very well be the saving grace now that it’s getting the support it deserves.

Natural Gas to Shine Once More

The proliferation of shale development across the country in recent years has unlocked the true wealth that natural gas possesses – so much so that growth in production is projected to overtake consumption by early next decade, according to the EIA.

Consequently, the buildup of stockpiles has made natural gas more affordable for consumers, but leaves investors with little in the way of profits.

While 2012 saw natural gas hit its lowest price in a decade, come November, all this could change.

Natural gas is now being lauded for its potential to help right this economic ship and steer America back on course.

Elsewhere in the world, shale gas resources have yet to see the level of advancement that’s happening here at home, thus creating a massive growth opportunity for our companies.

While we continue to see shortcomings in domestic demand, a move to expand the export market will be a boon not only to the industry but will drive prices sky-high in the coming years.

As you might suspect, the upside of growing the natural gas sector is immense.

Firstly, the President predicts that the development of natural gas alone could generate more than 600,000 jobs for our country within the decade.

Now that might not seem like a lot, but that sort of impact can spin out numerous indirect jobs which could add hundreds of thousands more to the tally.

Secondly, both candidates have earmarked year 2020 as the key turning point in which America will no longer have to rely on foreign energy supplies.

By the end of this decade, Obama predicts that oil imports will be cut in half with the help of natural gas. Mitt Romney, meanwhile, takes it a step further by stating that North America can achieve energy independence by 2020.

Make no mistake: both party leaders are making bold statements about their respective energy plans leading up to November’s election.

Who really knows if either of them intends to keep his word after the votes are tallied…

And that’s precisely why I’m telling readers to take action immediately.

The Obama administration has been quoted as saying that they will “probably” decide by year-end whether to approve new LNG terminals to boost exports.

The way I see it, they’re just waiting until they get the green light for another term before putting more skin in the game.

The point here is, nobody has a crystal ball…so that’s more the reason to invest in natural gas now.

The sector is expected to continue growing regardless of the election outcome. Prices have already recovered 75% since its April lows.

However, should the victor stick to his guns and actually make natural gas a top priority during the economic recovery – investors could be in for the profit-making opportunity of a lifetime!

Ultimately the choice is yours.

But smart money is telling you to light a fire under your natural gas portfolio straight away while there’s still time.

Todays top stocks to buy
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