Chesapeake Energy is on Fire

Todays top stocks to buyJust a couple months ago, Chesapeake Energy’s stock was savagely beaten up like a piñata.

In the midst of a scandal about CEO’s Aubrey McClendon conflicting personal investments and corporate responsibilities, and with the SEC beginning an informal investigation, Chesapeake bottomed out at a year-low of $13.32 a share.

But while everyone and their dog was running for the hills, I was telling my readers to load up on the cheap.

You see in my opinion, there was clearly a direct correlation between the falling stock price and the company’s unpopularity.  And the fact of the matter is, share prices of Chesapeake had become grossly oversold and did not reflect its fundamentals.

In fact, the company’s unparalleled multi-billion dollar portfolio of projects were thrown by the wayside… leaving the nation’s second largest natural gas conglomerate trading at a deeply discounted rate.

This opportunity stuck out like a sore thumb, and I was yelling from the rooftop to anyone that would listen… Chesapeake Energy was a steal!

I sincerely hope you took my advice.

Since making my call, Chesapeake Energy has soared to $20.04 in just a few weeks time.

That’s a 20% gain from my call at $16.74 and over 50% from its low of $13.32.

Had you bought in at the bottom, you could’ve transformed a modest $20,000 investment into a cool $30,090 windfall.  Congratulations.

If you took my advice and unlocked this safe for a great 50% return, I suggest you consider taking profits off the table.

Following its breathtaking run over the last few weeks, our best position might be on the sidelines until the markets pick up after the summer.

But in the long run, Chesapeake Energy remains a stable investment and I do expect its future operational success and financial results to be very positive – especially as natural gas prices rebound.

Look for opportunities to buy back in when the markets heat up.

Todays top stocks to buy
John Holt
for Top Stock Millionaire

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