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This stock’s growing 171% faster than the US

This stock’s growing 171% faster than the US

Looking to feed your growth-starved portfolio? Maybe boost a nest egg stuck in neutral? This stock may be the answer… Today’s pick comes from an unexpected source: a company producing specialty paints, protective coatings, roofing systems, sealants and adhesives. Exciting stuff? Not really. But boy, it sure pays the bills (and then some)… In 2013, […]

A “Safe” Stock that’s Oozing Cash Flow


The pharmaceutical industry has long been seen as a safe investment sector to park money when bull markets show signs of slowing — much like today. One company that’s currently peaking my interest is the New York-listed, worldwide pharmaceutical and health products giant known as Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). JNJ has a enviable product […]

What The Top 10 “STEM” Jobs Could Mean For These Cities And The Tech Stocks That Call Them Home

newspaper with stock chart and pen

Workers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are seeing a very bright and prosperous future ahead, and certain cities are welcoming them with open arms… It’s not “revenge of the nerds” anymore – it’s complete domination. You see, when it comes to employment success nowadays, the geeks are flying high above everyone else. Armed with […]

The Emerging Market Slump Is Signaling A Buy Opportunity

Bernankes departure is bullish for precious metals

Scared investors are fleeing from emerging markets hoping to avoid a similar fate suffered in the late nineties, while contrarians are ignoring the alarm bells and hunting for bargains… If the Chinese economy is indeed slowing, or the Indian rupee is in fact weakening, then active investors of emerging markets haven’t bothered to read the […]

Start Building Your Equity Now By Buying Into America’s Top 5 Real Estate Cities

No two cities are alike, which makes these five the cream of the crop for rising home prices in the US… If there was ever a year of the housing rebound, 2013 may have been it. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, home prices in the US rose for nine consecutive months before a […]

What The Eurozone’s Newest Member Could Mean For Investors

© CE/ECFlag of Latvia6/12/2003

Latvia, the Eurozone’s newest country, managed to weather the economic storm better than any other EU nation… While it was big news halfway across the world, in the US, the announcement of Latvia’s acceptance into the 18-member Eurozone on January 1st was sandwiched somewhere between Justin Bieber’s New Year’s eve selfie and Grandma Molly’s 75th […]

The 10 Economies To Soar In 2014 – Part II


In our second installment, developed countries are proving pessimists wrong with their ability to rebound from near-global collapse. These five nations will really be turning heads in 2014… As you saw in the first half of the World Economic Forum’s top ten countdown of Global Competitiveness, some countries slipped in the rankings as they were […]

The 10 Economies To Soar In 2014 – Part I

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Developed countries are heating up global growth while emerging nations take a breather. Here are the heavy-hitters to watch for… As the saying goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. But in the case of developed countries, it should go on to say: the harder they fall, the stronger they get when they’re […]

Why Chinese Tourism Is A License To Print Money


If they haven’t already, mobs of Chinese tourists will soon be visiting a city near you, spending fortunes in the process. Find out who’s rolling out the red carpet to welcome these generous travelers… For investors, now’s the perfect time to get into vacation mode, but not because business is slowing for the holidays and […]

The Best “Behind The Scenes” Stocks To Play The Housing Recovery


Home improvement companies may be cashing in, but there’s an even more lucrative sector that very few are talking about… It’s easy to see why companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot are having banner years in 2013. US housing data overall has improved greatly since the onset of the financial crisis five years ago. Though […]