The Best Energy Stocks to Buy and Top Energy Stock Picks

An archive of the best energy stocks to buy and featured reports, including our top energy stock picks as chosen by the professional stock picking team at Top Stock Millionaire.

Peak Oil Could Send This Solar Stock Higher


Proved reserves are expected to last until year 2067, which could propel the adoption of renewable sources even quicker, and send this solar stock soaring… Fifty-three… that’s the number of years it would take to extract the remaining amount of proved global oil reserves based on current rate of production, according to the folks at […]

The Top 5 Worst Energy Stocks of 2014


Despite US equity markets continuing their epic climb, a number of oil and gas firms still managed to flop. Here’s a look at the ones who didn’t even come close to making the cut… For savvy investors, achieving success in the stock market is a marathon, not a race. Yet it’s hard not to let […]

This Coal Stock Is A Top Bet After The EPA’s Latest Blow

The fate of coal is up in the air

In an attempt to further taper down America’s reliance on fossil fuels, the Obama administration unveiled another plan to combat power plant pollution… It seems that the coal industry is destined to never catch a break so long as Barack Obama remains President. In his push to do away with dirty fossil fuels in favor […]

The Natural Gas Giant That’s About To Join The $100 Billion Club

Natural gas has a bullish outlook

M&A activity in the natural gas sector heats up as this latest deal becomes the first step in a massive takeover plan by Williams Companies Inc. (NYSE:WMB)… Enterprise value (EV) is often a more accurate representation of a company’s value compared to simple market capitalization. That’s because EV also takes into consideration the value of […]

Why Take A Risk On Metals When You Can Bank On This Allotrope’s Rise Instead?

Oil sands are heating up

Like diamonds, graphite is one of strongest and hardest materials found in the natural world, and its value is about to skyrocket due to 2 major catalysts… It’s often referred to as the highest grade of coal…but you won’t see it burning in any coal-fired plants. Graphite is an allotrope, or another form of carbon. […]

To Profit From The Next Shale Boom, Investors Should Look To…Argentina?


With all the attention being focused on the US shale bonanza, savvy investors are turning their attention to a potentially more lucrative part of the world… Admittedly, we Americans are a little biased when it comes to which country has the upper hand in energy resources. Without looking too closely at the hard numbers, many […]

When Disaster Strikes, Take Cover With This Geo-Science Stock


Experts are questioning whether earthquakes happen more frequently due to increased oil and gas activities. Regardless of the claim, drillers aren’t taking any chances — and seismic data companies are cashing in as a result… According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) in France, a record 36,726 earthquakes were reported in 2013 — over 100 […]

A Top Stock To Buy As The Next Mecca Of LNG Gets The Investment Green Light


With the closest proximity to Asia, new LNG export terminals along the Pacific Northwest will soon be providing unprecedented supply to a gas-hungry market, making this pipeline builder a surefire bet… Just like the Department of Energy has been rubber-stamping new permits in the US, Canada’s National Energy Board dished out a few of its […]

The Little-Known Company That’s Turning The Tide Of Ocean Energy Technology

Tidal Power Buoy

The ocean is continuously producing near-limitless amount of energy, yet we’ve managed to harness barely a sliver of it to date. One company is hoping to change all that… For anything that has the potential be revolutionary, the idea always seemed rather bizarre at first, maybe even a little ridiculous. Slowly but surely though, these […]

When It Comes To Refining Shale…Less Is More

Top shale oil stocks looking for more profit

Limited refining capacity is crimping the surge in shale oil production. Learn how “teapots” and “toppers” are making savvy investors rich during the shale boom… If there were an Achilles’ heel for America’s exploding oil sector, refiners would have to be it. Even with the copious amounts of oil we’re able to extract from the […]