These Two Pipeline Companies Are Getting Rich By Overcoming The High Cost Of “Rejection”

Pipeline burst helping case for Keystone?

A little-known transport problem has created a severe bottleneck for Marcellus gas producers, which in turn has unleashed a flurry of new pipeline projects… Nobody likes being rejected. In the gas business — particularly in the Marcellus shale — rejection is a common problem…but in a much different sense of the word. Here’s what I […]

How To Gain From Japan’s Bold Energy Plan

nuke towers in distance

A controversial new plan has the Japanese gearing up to restart its fleet of nuclear reactors. Here’s more proof that uranium could be the surprise investment play of the year… The crisis out of the Ukraine may be snagging media headlines, but keen investors are banking on a lesser known, yet potentially more buzz-worthy announcement […]

GE Is Flexing Its “Ecomagination” Muscles To The Tune Of $10 Billion


Clean energy supporters rejoice as one of the biggest conglomerates in the world just stepped up to the sustainability plate in 2 major ways… They’ve been pioneers for years, but General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has decided to kick up their clean energy crusade yet another notch. Last week, the Company announced that it was investing […]

Tesla’s New ‘Gigafactory’ Is Sending This Microcap Through The Roof


Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) is about to revolutionize the lithium industry, and this little-known stock is riding right alongside the rebound… There’s no doudting that Tesla Motors is a media darling. The company is a refreshing departure from all other automotive stocks out there, and its vehicles are not only environmentally-friendly… they are cool. Since releasing […]

A Top Biofuel Stock Gaining Momentum From A Bush-Era Energy Breakthrough


In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama declared his full support for developing an alternative fuel source first endorsed by his predecessor… Who says Republicans and Democrats can’t be on the same page? Former President George W. Bush may have bore the brunt of many political guffaws during his two terms, but […]

The One Power Company That’s Creating The World’s Most Sustainable Island For One Of The World’s Richest Men

China leads world clean energy push

Billionaire Richard Branson has called upon NRG Energy Inc. (NYSE:NRG) to turn one of his private islands into a renewable energy oasis… How nice it must be to try and save the world when money is no object. For Sir Richard Branson, he probably likens it to being a kid in a toy store — […]

An Energy Tycoon’s Multi-Billion Dollar Dream


After more than a decade of lobbying, LNG is finally getting on the fast-track to becoming America’s next great fuel source… The legendary Texas oil and gas magnate, now a champion for cleaner energy, was encouraged by President Obama’s recent State Of The Union address. In his speech, Obama called upon Congress to create a […]

The Military Solution To Save The Environment As Well As Lives


President Obama is pressuring the Department Of Defense for a major emissions-reduction target by 2020, giving these two solar stocks yet another crucial push at the federal level… Despite my ongoing bullishness for oil and gas, it’s hard to deny the inroads that solar energy has made over the past few years. The interest that […]

Playing The Lesser Of Two Oil & Gas “Evils”

train derailment

Though hated on more by environmentalists, the debate over fuel transport could once again lean towards pipelines thanks to a recent string of mishaps on rail… 5 major accidents in 7 months. That’s the latest track record of trains hauling crude oil in North America (no pun intended). The most recent incident happened on January […]

The One Industry To Avoid Following The ‘Polar Vortex’


In the wake of the coldest US winter storm in two decades, one white-hot sector may cool off surprisingly fast… You saw the images on TV. You marveled at the weather report. It was pretty shocking to say the least. A couple weeks ago people living in Central US and the Eastern Seaboard braved up […]