The Year of Merging Miners and Bargain Buyouts

Juniors are running low on cashJuniors are running low on cash

Juniors are poised to hit the financial wall in 2013. Learn why a still volatile economy is drying up available funding, and possibly creating the biggest contrarian play in mining history…

Budget Cuts and No Jobs mean No End in Sight for Gold

Gold run not over yet

How Obama’s failure to avoid Sequestration and the Fed’s Bloated Balance Sheet will ensure another Banner Year for Gold…

China’s Race for Gold Supremacy

China to overtake India as top gold buyer

The Middle Kingdom is nipping at India’s Heels for the Title of World’s Biggest Gold Buyer. Find out what this can mean for Gold Demand. India is keeping a close eye on its rearview mirror. For now, they remain the world’s largest consumer of gold – but that gap has narrowed significantly over the past […]

It’s Every Central Bank for Themselves

Central Bank actions may trigger gold rush

Germany’s Recent Decision to bring their Gold Home may have just lit the Fuse for the Next Bull Run… I’ve been stressing for months how hot gold is going to be in 2013. Here’s more proof… A couple weeks ago, Germany made the decision to lift their gold anchor and set sail home. Eventually, about […]

Critics Will Be Wrong About Gold Prices…Again


Investors are always bombarded with rapid successions of new price calls for gold and hardly anyone ever remembers or even cares if somebody gets it wrong. In many professions, such a history of poor performance is grounds for immediate dismissal. Yet, these talking heads remain gainfully employed, which makes you wonder who really has the […]

Platinum Price Overtakes Gold Price

Platinum price exceeds gold prices

Back in October, I predicted that platinum prices would rise. And now they have surpassed gold. As of this writing, platinum prices have surpassed gold prices for the first time since March 2012, rising above $1,700 an ounce while gold remains at $1,680. But what exactly caused this sudden surge, you ask? Well actually, the […]

This Little-Known Area is Host to Some of the Hottest Gold Stocks

The abitibi gold belt is host to some of the hottest gold stocks

Canada has been doing a lot of work under the radar recently. In just the last few years, our neighbors to the north have quietly revitalized and transformed a once forgotten area into a full-blown world-class gold mining region. This has created a modern day renaissance in Canada’s mining industry and put their mineral resources […]

Greek Bankruptcy Is Fast-Tracking Gold Projects

Gold mining in Greece is exploding

When considering the plight of Europe, a handful of flailing countries should immediately spring to mind. If you thought of Greece as being one of them… then good for you! But conversely, when you are asked which European nation possibly holds more resource wealth than any other nation in the EU, which country now springs […]

What South African Bloodshed Means For Platinum

Clashes have sent South African mining industry into chaos

In South Africa this year, the platinum mining industry has taken a major turn for the worse. The recent clashes involving striking workers, non-striking workers, police, and mining companies have resulted in a bloodbath – sending shockwaves around the world and forcing large-scale mining operations to screech to a halt. The world’s largest platinum producers […]

How To Spot Breakout Junior Gold Stocks

Breakout junior gold stock

QE3 has arrived. With the Feds rolling out their latest batch of printed money, investors are once again turning to the safety net of precious metals to shield their wealth from the decaying dollar – and gold prices are back on the rise. But it’s not just bullion that I’m most excited about today. Since […]