The Best Metals Stock to Buy and Top Metals Stock Picks

An archive of the best metals stocks to buy and featured reports, including our top metals stock picks as chosen by the professional stock picking team at Top Stock Millionaire.

How The Worst Performing Metal Of 2013 Just Became This Year’s Hottest

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In a dramatic turn of events, all eyes are now on this versatile white metal, whose price bottomed out just 4 months ago but is now roaring at a one-year high… With a few rare exceptions, most of us would agree that the metals industry overall was pretty dismal over the past year. Copper sunk […]

The Best Palladium Stock To Own Today

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In this beaten down metals market, palladium is soldiering on in positive territory this year.  Find out which is the best palladium stock to own and ride this bull market all the way to the bank…

The Fall of Metals Triggers a Mining Shift


“With precious metals taking a beating, investors have turned their attention to another mining opportunity” — Last month, a world record was broken. A colorless diamond weighing a mind-boggling 101.73 carats was sold at auction for $26.7 million. The pear-shaped carbon allotrope was found in a mine in Botswana and took 21 months to cut […]

The Little-Known Metal That’s Ruling The World


While other commodities continue to face market headwinds, a seldom-discussed metal has bull market written all over it – here’s why one company should be on your radar immediately…

Mystery Metal does it all from Making Steel to Finding the ‘God Particle’


Why One Rare Earth Metal’s Recent Rise to Stardom could Trigger America’s Next Boom…

The World is Running out of Copper

Copper prices to rise on Chinese demand

Relentless Global Demand will result in a Copper Shortfall in 2013. Here’s how to Profit from the Inevitable Price Surge Last year was quite a mixed bag for the red metal. After a strong start in Q1, copper price lost over 17 percent during the summer as the dread of a slowing Chinese economy and […]

Platinum’s Return: It’s Only Just Beginning

Platinum prices overtake gold

Why a “Number of Issues” in the Platinum Industry could send Prices through the Roof in 2013… As I had correctly predicted last fall, platinum was on the cusp of overtaking gold once again in the precious metals race. That day finally came on Thursday January 17th, when platinum reached $1,683 per ounce, surpassing gold […]

Argentina Spooks Mining Companies


25% inflation. That means that if you live in Argentina right now, by this time next year everything will be 25% more expensive.  Residents are clearly feeling the pain. Now imagine you were a business owner trying to make a living in that environment.  How would you deal with rapidly rising costs eating away at […]

30-Year Old Technology Ignites an Industry for the First Time


The shale gas revolution has taken America’s energy needs by storm – no question about that.  We have ourselves a true game-changer in every sense of the compound word. But having unlocked Pandora’s box, the full impact of the revolution has spread like wildfire to other industries as well. We witnessed the resurgence of chemical […]