The Best Oil Stocks to Buy and Top Oil Stock Picks

An archive of the best oil stocks to buy and featured reports, including our top oil stock picks as chosen by the professional stock picking team at Top Stock Millionaire.

Get Paid to Wait For Oil’s Recovery With This Stock

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) has made it official. Low oil prices are here to stay. The group announced on November 10 it forecasts a barrel of crude to sell for $60.00 next year and $80.00 in 2020. OPEC is largely the cause of the weakest oil market in ten years. The cartel recently decided […]

Supercharge Your Portfolio With This Gigantic 8.2% Dividend Stock

Tightened 100 dollar roll.

Forget the price of crude.  This juicy dividend payer is ripe for the picking… As the price of oil has tanked over recent months, oil stocks across the board have taken a beating. For example, the NYSE Arca Oil & Gas Index (XOI), which measures the performance of the oil industry by tracking changes in […]

Investors Could Soon Cash-in As This Stock Breathes New Life Into Dead Oil Fields Offshore


Hardly missing a step, the gamechanger known as directional drilling is doing to offshore exploration what it’s done to shale formations onshore — and the payoff is likely to be huge for this drilling stock… For more than a decade, oil and natural gas production in the shallow waters off the Gulf of Mexico have […]

Is Peak Oil Still A Myth?


Signs of rapidly depleting oil supplies are starting to make investors nervous, but a new study is out to prove that this is far from the case… The news has been disconcerting to say the least. Abdalla Salem el-Badri, OPEC’s secretary general, said at a conference last fall that US shale producers are “running out […]

This State’s Oil Reserves Just Got Cut By 96%


A shocking new update by the EIA has dealt a deadly blow to this state’s shale oil revolution… Once thought to contain some 13.7 billion barrels of recoverable reserves, estimates of California’s Monterey Shale deposits have now been drastically reduced to a drop in the bucket. Authorities at the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) have […]

These Two Oil Giants Are Tops In The League If Reserves Are The Name Of The Game

Top Oil Stock For Today

With proved reserve life of 13 and 23 years respectively, these majors have what it takes to flourish for the long haul… They say age is nothing but a number. But in the oil and gas industry, age has extraordinary implications. Oil formations take hundreds of millions of years to develop… but once the fuel […]

The Gulf Of Mexico Just Welcomed A New $6 Billion Oil Contender


One of the largest oil and gas deals in 2014 has created the biggest publicly traded energy company currently operating in the Gulf — just in time for the Gulf’s next great production growth spurt… Over 800 million barrels in reserves and 65,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. That’s the sort of firepower that […]

The Newest Innovation Being Used To Find Oil


As reserves become harder to locate, the oil industry begins tinkering with the latest technological innovation that’s sweeping the globe… The military uses them regularly to seek out enemy targets. Amazon unveiled one as part of its concept delivery system. And the energy sector is familiar with it too… First, BP launched theirs to monitor […]

Alaska’s Swan Song: Could This Be Your Last Chance To Profit From ‘The Last Frontier’


In what may be Alaska’s final attempt to bring its deteriorating energy sector back to life, a $45 billion natural gas project might be just what the doctor ordered… Like a heavy chain-smoker, the past few decades have not been kind to the Frontier State. Years of decline in oil production have turned Alaska into […]

How To Invest In The Biggest Oil & Gas Finds Of 2013

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20 billion barrels of new fuel were discovered around the world last year, meaning a near-certain investment boost for these energy companies in 2014… In the energy sector, companies who have a strong reserve base are in an enviable position. Investors tend to think more highly of companies who have amassed legitimate reserves, as there’s […]