The African Country That’s Cashing In A $10 Billion Oil & Gas Check


After US and European firms lose interest, a Chinese company wastes no time in pouncing on a giant OPEC prize… With a $10 billion check in hand, an undisclosed Chinese firm has made a gigantic investment in an area known as the Bida Basin, located in the Niger State of Western Nigeria. This is a […]

This “Forgotten” Off Shore Basin Is Red-Hot Once Again


After a decade of declining oil production, oil companies are once again pouring money into this region after a recent string of major discoveries… This could be one of the greatest comebacks in recent history. You see, with production steadily falling over the past ten years, the waters off Norway’s shores were thought to be […]

OPEC’s Smallest Producer Is About To Unlock A Controversial $18 Billion Oil Bonanza

oil derrick - three with fire background - hi res

Desperate to pay down its debts, this tiny country’s government has decided to completely scrap an environmental protection plan – swinging the doors wide open to one of the richest oil deposits ever discovered… It can’t get any more controversial than this, folks… Back in 2007, Ecuador stumbled onto a discovery in their Amazonian backyard […]

One Of The Best Stocks To Own While The Keystone XL Stalls


Investors aren’t waiting around for Obama’s decision anymore. They’re buying up stocks — and these are some of the best stocks to own while the pipeline is delayed… It’s been dragging on for five years. Since it was first proposed back in 2008, the advancing of the Keystone XL Pipeline expansion has been anything but […]

The Tiny African Nation With the Two Best Oil Stocks You’ve Never Heard of

oil derricks - sunset orange background

Production will soon be underway in a country that’s set to boost sub-Saharan Africa’s oil output. Want to get in early before the herd? Here are the two best, unknown African oil stocks to buy today…

Argentina Dangles a Billion-Dollar Carrot for Today’s Best Stock to Buy


Desperate to boost economic output, Argentina is offering juicy incentives to attract deep-pocketed energy companies. One such company is taking the bait, making it today’s best stock to buy.

Two of the Best Stocks to Buy as Big Oil Returns to America

Best Stocks to Buy for Big Oils Big Return to America

“After years of focusing on overseas expansion, big oil is returning to the US with a bold new outlook. Find out why American oil is roaring back and two of the best stocks to buy now” — For almost thirty years the American oil industry experienced a mass exodus. As the lucrative, easy-to-reach oil deposits […]

Energy Independence? Not Yet, Says Canada

American oil independence

“A surprising look at why the shale boom may be a curse, and why we might need Canada’s help” — For all the talk (and progress) in trying to rid ourselves of foreign oil and gas, our northerly neighbor certainly knows how to spoil the mood. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently indicated that the […]

Profiting Off America’s Most Underrated Oil Play

Ohio's Utica Shale is a top oil stock pick

“This northeast state’s energy sector has been written-off by Wall Street, giving savvy investors a small but lucrative buy window” — It has been compared to the prolific Bakken in North Dakota. Others have said that it stacks up against the gushing Eagle Ford in Texas. But it probably shares the most similarities with the […]

Where the Real Profits in Shale Oil are

Top shale oil stocks looking for more profit

“With America’s most prominent shale plays now known, producers are under pressure to turn their plays into bigger payoffs” — Over the past decade, investors have bankrolled energy companies to the tune of more than $53 billion to snap up shale acreage across America. With the cash, the industry has also been able to develop […]