The Best Silver Stocks to Buy and Top Silver Stock Picks

An archive of the best silver stocks to buy and featured reports, including our top silver stock picks as chosen by the professional stock picking team at Top Stock Millionaire.

Is 2014 The Year For A Silver Breakout?


A breakout for silver is long overdue, and 2014 has all the markings of being the year of the white metal’s return… After topping out at the $32-mark way back in January 2013, silver prices slumped 40% for the year. Silver’s performance is worse than gold’s 28% drop for 2013, even though gold has been […]

Canadian Miner Lands A Silver Deposit “For The Times”

gold - panning in stream

See how this small company quickly became a prime takeover target (and one of the best stocks to buy) with a monster find in Argentina… Despite silver trading near a 60% discount from its record high, many companies continue to advance their exploration projects forward. In regions like South America, new discoveries are still being […]

The “Backdoor” Way to Profit from the China Solar Boom


We reveal two of the best stocks to buy as a game-changing announcement by the Chinese Government is quietly pulling a beaten down metal back into bullish territory… Until the beginning of July, most of Wall Street had pretty well written off silver for the rest of the year. Doom and gloom was all over […]

US Mint Sells Out Of 2013 Silver Coins

US Mint Sells Out Of 2013 Silver Coins

First it was the US Mint gold coins. Back in November, American Eagle gold coin sales were the strongest in 14 years as uncertainty surrounding the U.S. fiscal crisis and the presidential election triggered a spike in purchases. Now it’s silver’s turn. The U.S. Mint just sold out of its 2013 silver coins last week.  […]

Mexico Is Much More Than A One-Trick Pony

Mexico is more than just the top silver producing nation

Our neighbors down south have always been known to be a silver mining powerhouse. In 2011, Mexico was the top silver producing country in the world with a staggering 152.8 million ounces produced.  To put that in perspective, it churned out 40% more ore than its next closest rival, Peru. But record-setting silver production is […]

Forget Gold…Silver is your Ticket on the QE3 Gravy Train

Silver prices set to soar

It’s open season. Time to lock and load. This past week Fed Chairman Bernanke announced yet another round of Quantitative Easing in which the Federal Reserve will buy $40 billions worth of mortgage backed securities every month… indefinitely this time. In other words, unlike the 2 previous ‘shock and awe’ approaches, they’ll be rolling out […]

Why Silver is the “Smart Phone” of Metals

Silver is the smart phone of precious metals

Silver is the smartphone of precious metals – it does it all. Not only does silver carry the same wealth preservation properties as gold, it’s also used heavily in a mind-boggling variety of products. Coinage, photography, jewelry, silverware, batteries, bearings, brazing and soldering, catalysts, electronics, mirrors and coatings, solar energy, water purification, even medical applications… […]

Making The Case For Silver

Silver prices to rise

Lies… Manipulation… Control… Suppression… Price fixing… There have been more twists and turns in silver’s tale than even some of the most dramatic daytime soaps. From the Hunt brothers cornering the market in the 1970s driving the price to $50 an ounce… To accusations of market manipulation against US banks controlling large portions of silver’s […]