Meet The Billionaires Who Scored In 2013

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Some of you may be aware that Bloomberg keeps a daily tally of the top 200 billionaires in the world.

Their data set tracks each person’s total net worth, dollar value change from previous day, percent change from previous day, dollar value year to date, and percent change year to date.

A number of other metrics are also available to further breakdown the data such as industry-type, citizenship and sources of wealth.

The ranking page can be found here.

For the most part, the majority of people on the list saw their personal wealth increase this year, with only a few dozen or so who lost money.

No surprise, the usual suspects such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and the Waltons (of Wal-Mart), among others, continued to add consistently to their war chest.

However, there was a small handful who saw absolutely jaw-dropping gains in their fortunes in 2013 and were head and shoulders above the rest…most of whom you probably never heard of.

Combined, these ten billionaires generated an impressive average of 157.3% growth year-to-date. Note that the data below is accurate as of December 9th, and the rankings are subject to change.

1) Sandra Ortega Mera (Spain)
Bloomberg Ranking: #187
Total Net Worth: $7.2 Billion
YTD Change: +534.0%

Ortega Mera is the daughter of the founders of Inditex, the world’s largest clothing retailer, which includes Zara. 70% of her wealth comes from her stake in Inditex. Her net worth skyrocketed after the passing of her mother in August 2013, which gave her control of the Inditex’ holding company, Rosp Corunna.

2) Elon R. Musk (US)
Bloomberg Ranking: #175
Total Net Worth: $7.5 Billion
YTD Change: +216.6%

The uber-entrepreneur of our time, Musk had a tremendous year, most notably from the success of his automaker firm, Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA). Since its IPO in 2010, Tesla shares are up more than 600%. The founder of PayPal also started SpaceX whose rocket brought supplies to the International Space Station last year, and SolarCity Corp. (NASDAQ:SCTY), the nation’s largest installer of solar panels.

3) Liu Yonghao (China)
Bloomberg Ranking: #195
Total Net Worth: $6.7 Billion
YTD Change: +139.4%

Liu is the chairman of New Hope Group, a Chinese conglomerate that primarily produces animal feed, and also meat, milk and eggs. The privately held company reported revenues of $13 billion in 2012, and also has interests in chemicals, real estate, and financial services. The remaining half of his wealth is in his 8.4% stake of China Minsheng Banking Corp., the nation’s first non-state owned bank.

4) Dave Duffield (US)
Bloomberg Ranking: #196
Total Net Worth: $6.6 Billion
YTD Change: +136.9%

The former CEO of PeopleSoft, a software company that was bought out by Oracle in 2005, Duffield later co-founded Workday Inc. (NYSE:WDAY), a cloud-based payroll and employee management software company. Since going public last October, Workday’s stock has risen nearly 65%, which Duffield owns 70 million Class B shares of that are convertible to Class A.

5) Wei Jian Jun (China)
loomberg Ranking: #147
Total Net Worth: $8.3 Billion
YTD Change: +105.3%

Jun is chairman of Great Wall Motor Company Ltd. (HKG:2333), the biggest manufacturer of SUVs and pickup trucks in China which also exports vehicles to more than 100 countries worldwide. Last year, the company generated $6.6 billion in sales. Wei has a 53% stake in the business, and its stock has gained nearly 87% year to date.

6) Lui Che Woo (Hong Kong)
Bloomberg Ranking: #27
Total Net Worth: $23.9 Billion
YTD Change: +100.8%

A construction and real-estate developer, Lui runs K Wah Group, which owns a majority stake in casino operator Galaxy Entertainment (HKG:0027) as well as 30% of US-based Stanford Hotels group. With Macau having become the biggest gambling city in the world, revenues have soared for Galaxy over the last two years, handing Lui billions in profits.

7) Mark Zuckerberg (US)
Bloomberg Ranking: #28
Total Net Worth: $23.9 Billion
YTD Change: +94.6%

The darling of social media, Mr. Facebook himself has seen his company recover strongly after its stock floundered for about a year after its May 2012 public offering — the largest tech IPO in history. Facebook’s rebound and Zuckerberg’s 27% stake has helped him earn approximately $11.6 billion for his nest egg since January.

8) Hiroshi Mikitani (Japan)
Bloomberg Ranking: #144
Total Net Worth: $8.6 Billion
YTD Change: +86.2%

The Japanese version of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Mikitani controls Rakuten Inc. (TYO:4755), Japan’s largest online retailer. Rakuten has over 40,000 sellers in its directory, selling 100 million products. In its bid for global supremacy, it’s acquired online marketplaces in Germany, Indonesia, UK, and e-commerce operations in more than a dozen other countries.

9) Masayoshi Son (Japan)
Bloomberg Ranking: #49
Total Net Worth: $16.1 Billion
YTD Change: +79.7%

Son is the founder of SoftBank Corp. (TYO:9984), a mobile Internet provider that acquired Sprint Nextel last June for almost $22 billion and formed the world’s second-biggest mobile company by sales in the process. SoftBank has a stake in 1,018 Internet companies, including Yahoo! Japan (34.5%), China’s Alibaba (31.8%), and Zynga (4.9%).

10) Pony Ma (China)
Bloomberg Ranking: #95
Total Net Worth: $11.8 Billion
YTD Change: +79.2%

Ma is chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings Ltd. (HKG:0700), China’s largest Internet company by market value. Users of its popular “QQ” instant messaging app had 785 million users in 2012 – more than double the US population. Since its IPO in 2004, Tencent’s stock has surged a mind-boggling 12,327% to date.

According to Bloomberg, adding up the wealth of all 200 tycoons would total around $3 trillion, or enough to wipe out nearly 17% of our country’s current debtload.

While watching the fortunes of these billionaires grow by the day may not be very appetizing for everyday Americans, the list certainly shows how influential these people and their businesses are in shaping the world around us.

It also gives investors a sense of what industries are proving most fruitful out of these heavy-hitters.

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